Recycled Brochure Holder

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Businesses often put a lot of thought into the ideal holder to showcase their brochures. The brochure holder works as a frame for the printed material. It can draw the eye of the public to the leaflets. In the move to become more eco-friendly, the demand for recycled products for businesses has even reached brochure holders.

Show Your Business Is Eco-Conscious

A recycled holder lets the public know that the business cares about the environment and has dedicated itself to taking the time to make a difference. It also shows that the company is making every effort to ensure that nothing is wasted.

Recycled Plastic Brochure Holders

Shop4Shops sells recycled brochure holders that have been manufactured from at least 50 percent recycled plastic. They provide single and multi-pocket holders for A4 and DL (tri-fold) Brochures. Known as their Sustainable Office Range products, the holders have a high-gloss black finish that creates a pleasing visual frame for brochures. These environmentally friendly display products offer a superior look, while meeting and exceeding the needs of eco-conscious businesses. Shop4Shops offers 3 tier, 4 tier, 6 tier and single tier holders. They also provide matching business card holders. Prices vary according to the size of the holder. The products help businesses make a physical statement that portrays their dedication to creating a cleaner and greener Earth.

Brochure Stands

EZIPOP offers freestanding brochure holders. The stands ship flat and can be easily assembled. Manufactured from solid food grade packaging board, the brochure holders can also be recycled at the end of their life spans. This holder ships flat for cost-effective shipping and makes it easy to store until it's time to use.

Bamboo Brochure Stands and Holders

Zoom Display has a multilevel bamboo brochure holder manufactured from 90 percent renewable resources. This portable stand unfolds easily from its compact size to display brochures with four individual brochure slots. Light-weight, one person can easily carry the holder from one location to another. The company offers free price quotes to interested businesses.

World Focus

As the world focuses on a deeper commitment to the environment, businesses are becoming more conscious of the statements they make through everything they use, including office supplies. Purchasing recycled brochure holders not only lets clients know that a business cares about the world, but it also helps create an eco-friendly environment for everyone.

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Recycled Brochure Holder