Reasons to Conserve Energy

Six Great Reasons to Conserve Energy

Six great reasons to conserve energy might include personal ones such as saving money on your utility bills, while others may be more worldwide in scope. Whether you are trying to decide if it is worth paying more for an energy efficient refrigerator or arguing with your spouse about the thermostat setting, good reasons to save energy might sway your decision.

Saving Energy Saves Money

The less energy you use, the more money you keep in your pockets. Simply exchanging your incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs can save money and impact energy requirements.

Conserve Fossil Fuels

It is important to save energy to give researchers more time to find alternatives to fossil fuels that are affordable and practical.

Reduce Pollution

Producing energy creates pollution. Even solar power requires the production of solar panels that can create pollutants during the manufacturing process.

Maintain a Safe Water Supply

Conserving water is important. Water is a necessary element and comprises two-thirds of the Earth's surface. Without water, nothing can survive. Water needs not only to be saved, but it also needs to be clean and unpolluted in order for the planet's biosystems to function properly.

It takes a lot of water for electrical plants to produce energy. The more energy that is saved the less water is required for this process.

Reasons to Conserve Energy

Using foreign oil to create energy can keep a country dependent upon other countries. Most countries do not produce enough oil to create the energy they need and must buy oil from the Middle East. Historically. the Middle East has been a region of conflict and the oil exports are not always dependable. Using less energy decreases dependency on foreign oil.

Social Responsibility

Much of America's energy is created by burning coal. Miners risk their lives and their health everyday by venturing deep into mines bring out coal. People working on oil and gas rigs risk their lives being around highly explosive materials. In addition to the imminent dangers, there can be long-term health problems for these workers as a result of breathing in coal dust and fumes from the oil and gas for years.

A Complex Problem

Reasons to conserve energy are different for each person you might talk to. The truth is that the need to conserve energy is very real but there are many opinions on how exactly to go about solving the problem. Money saved in energy conservation can be used to fund research for new and cleaner ways to create the energy that is needed by the people of the world.

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Reasons to Conserve Energy