How to Use Lyziwraps Reusable Gift Wrap

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Lyziwraps reusable gift wrap helps you can avoid the waste of gift-wrapped packages, especially during the holidays. LoveToKnow GreenLiving editor Sally Painter had the opportunity to talk with Jocelyn Childs, the owner of Lyziwraps to ask about the concept of this very green product. Find out more in this exclusive interview.

Lyziwraps Reusable Gift Wrap Interview

LoveToKnow (LTK): What are Lyziwraps and what are they made from?

Jocelyn Childs (JC): Lyziwraps are a reusable, any-occasion alternative to paper gift wrap designed to save time, money and energy as they support a healthier environment. They are tubular in form, washable and durable. The wraps are made out of nylon ripstop and a poly-taffeta.

It's All in the Name

LTK: Where did the name come from? Does it have a special or significant meaning?

JC: Lyziwraps were originally an entry to an eighth grade innovation competition by my daughter, Eliza, after she discovered that Americans annually produce 25 percent more waste between Thanksgiving and New Years -- a total of 1 million tons per week. Eliza set out to find an alternative to the one-use-only paper wrap. Eliza is known as "Lyzi" to her family, and is the namesake of the company.


LTK: What inspired you to create your company?

JC: Initially, I did not think that my daughter's innovation was anything revolutionary. However, after using her prototypes for three years, I realized that these simple sacks were saving me so much time, energy and money while keeping our celebratory waste to a minimum.

On a Green Mission

LTK: What is your mission?

JC: Our mission is to revolutionize the way people wrap gifts, to help others save time and money while reducing the significant amount of waste associated with the production and disposal of paper gift wrap and to make people smile. The presentation of such a unique gift always generates a smile and using something so practical always breeds satisfaction.

How to Use a Lyziwrap?

LTK: How are Lyziwraps made and what can you use them for?

JC: Lyziwraps are tubular in form with a cuff on either end. To operate you just stuff, cuff and cinch. Everyone, regardless of craft talent, can do it. They can be used for tabletop gifts, too. Instead of the traditional Christmas cracker, families can pack the extra small wraps with their own surprises and set the filled wrap at each place setting. They can be used as party favor bags and stocking stuffer wraps. Lyziwraps are terrific for wrapping clothes, as no tissue paper or boxes are required. A wrap can conceal a wine bag one day, a book the following day and a scarf the next. Unlike the wine sack, wraps are not gift specific. They can also be used as travel organizers and stuff sacks.

LTK: Do you manufacture these in the USA?

JC: After trying to produce in the United States for a reasonable cost, we finally resorted to manufacturing in China. There is a significant amount of labor that goes into each wrap and the packaging. The price was prohibitive with American labor. We have visited the factories in China and monitor both the human and environmental conditions associated with them.

Wrap Races

LTK: Do you offer fundraising opportunities?

JC: The Lyziwraps Company is happy to offer their products to educational, environmental and social programs for fundraising purposes. The company offers schools and other programs forty percent of sales. We provide sample sets, flyers and online promotions.

  • To kick off the sale, we recommend a "wrap race". This can be done during an assembly, meeting or class.
  • Pick two volunteers, and give each of them four gifts of varying sizes.
  • Give one volunteer a set of Lyziwraps and the other volunteer paper, tape, scissors, and ribbon.
  • Let the competition begin.

This is how Lyzi wooed the judges in the original innovation competition. After you witness a wrap race, you will see why. It is quite convincing and always entertaining, particularly if a class clown or beloved faculty member gets the paper, tape, scissors, and ribbon.

Not Just One Size Fits All

LTK: What are the various sizes and styles you offer?

JC: Lyziwraps are sold in sets of 4 (XS, S, M, L). These sizes accommodate the following gifts:

  • XS: Jewelry boxes, gift cards, stocking and tabletop gifts, 4" x 6"
  • S: Wine, DVDs, phones, paperback books, scarves, 6" x 14"
  • M: Hardcover books, candy boxes, shirts, 8" x 19"
  • L: Board games, jackets, some sports gear, computers,13" x 28"

They come in four colors in the nylon ripstop and red in the poly taffeta. All sets come in a pillow pocket that can also be used as a gift wrap or storage pack. Wraps also can be personalized with an embroidered monogram.

Special Thank You to Jocelyn Childs

LoveToKnow would like to thank Jocelyn Childs for sharing her eco-friendly products and taking time out of her schedule to participate in this exclusive LTK Lyziwraps reusable gift wrap interview.

How to Use Lyziwraps Reusable Gift Wrap