What Is the BOBO Wrapping Scarf?

Patricia Lee, BOBO Founder and Creative Director
Founder and Creative Director Patricia Lee

If you're looking for a greener way to wrap presents, you just may find that the BOBO wrapping scarf is an ideal option. BOBO Wraps founder and Creative Director Patricia Lee recently discussed her eco-friendly products with LoveToKnow editor Sally Painter. Find out more in this exclusive interview.

BOBO Wrapping Scarf Interview

LoveToKnow (LTK): What is a BOBO wrap and how did you come up with the name?

Patricia Lee (PT): BOBO Wraps are a modern version of the ancient Korean wrapping scarf. The name is inspired by the Korean word for wrapping scarf: Bojagi (Boh Jah Khee)

LTK: What made you decide to turn this into a business?

PT: One Christmas, I looked at the mountain of garbage that my family had just created after opening gifts and it made me ill to think of the millions of other families doing the same thing around the world. That's what set me on the road to becoming a reusable wrap evangelist.

How to Use a BOBO Wrap

LTK: What are some of the uses of a BOBO wrap?

PT: The big one is to wrap and rewrap gifts. The wraps are a bit like origami in that you can get as simple or as complicated as you desire. Another great practical use of a wrap is to fold it into a bag or purse. Eco-stylish!

USA Made from Second Market Fabrics

LTK: Your products are made in the USA. Please explain your philosophy about manufacturing and how your scarves are made, i.e. fabric sourcing and repurposing material.

PT: The scarves are all made in the USA from fabric that already exists in secondary markets. After huge designer manufacturing runs, bolts of fabric are leftover and this is the stock that we purchase. This is in line with the original Korean bojagi, which was made in a patchwork fashion from pieces of leftover fabric.

Sizing Up a BOBO

Bobo Wrapping Scarf

LTK: Do BOBO wraps come in a one-size-fits-all or can customers purchase various sizes?

PT: We offer 6 different sizes and several styles.

  • X-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XL
  • Jumbo

Learning How-To Wrap

LTK: How can customers learn the various wrap techniques?

PT: Instructions are provided with each purchase.

Using Wraps for Special Occasions

LTK: Do you offer themed wrapping scarves, holiday, birthday, etc.? What's available to customers?

PT: We try to make the wraps as multifunctional as possible so that products can be used during the holidays and then for birthdays and other occasions.

LTK: Do the wraps serve other purposes once the gift is unwrapped, such as a wearable function?

PT: Wraps can be worn but mainly people use them as a personal wrap and carry for food, wine, and shopping.

The Wrapping Scarf Revolution

The Wrapping Scarf Revolution

LTK: You have also written a book, The Wrapping Scarf Revolution. What inspired you to write this book and how can readers purchase it? What interesting things will readers learn?

PT: The book is mainly a how-to wrap guide which provides full color illustrations, photos and explanations on dozens of ways to use a wrapping scarf. The book also delves into the fascinating history and the culture of the wrapping scarf way back to a time when wraps were made in every Korean household.

The book can be purchased on Amazon.com, BOBOwrap.com or select bookstores across the country.

Special Thanks to Patricia Lee

LoveToKnow would like to thank Patricia Lee for taking time out of her busy schedule to share her unique product and heritage of the BOBO wrapping scarf.

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What Is the BOBO Wrapping Scarf?