Printable Earth Day Cards

Planet Earth

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd each year with friends and family using these fun, printable greeting cards. Click on the image of the one you love most, then hit download and print. If you run into any trouble printing the cards, this simple guide can help.

Celebrate Earth

Get ready to celebrate the planet with your friends by sending out a fun card with a birthday-type theme. Recipients are reminded to pare down on waste like food and gifts as they show appreciation for the Earth.

Celebrate Earth Printable Card
Celebrate Earth Printable Card

One Planet

Show off how much you love Earth and how much it needs your love with a sweet greeting card. A heart design that features earth and a fun greeting makes a card ideal for anyone.

One Planet Printable Card
One Planet Printable Card

Cool Earth

Help younger kids begin their journey in environmentalism with this whimsical card featuring a sunglass-wearing Earth. The fun design can help inspire and motivate kids (or the young at heart).

Cool Earth Printable Card
Cool Earth Printable Card

Printable Card Tips and Suggestions

Print, fold, and send out Earth Day greeting cards like you would for any other holiday. These can be used as fun reminders to help our planet. If you want to get creative, use the graphics for Earth Day school projects or the cards as invitations to community service projects.

How to Fold

Once printed, fold the page in half lengthwise so the front graphic is on one side and the interior graphic is on the opposite side where you can't see both at once. Then, fold the paper in half across the width so you see the graphic on the front and the other on the right side of the interior.

How to Use

This holiday is all about being environmentally responsible as a community. Give your card an Earth-friendly feel with a unique presentation.

  • Print the card on homemade paper, then fold your own origami envelope using the same paper and mail each one.
  • Include a packet of pollinator flower seeds with the card for friends to plant.
  • Print out one card, then take a picture of the front and a picture of the inside. Use editing tools on social media platforms to place the pictures side by side and write in your signature. Send these ecards to friends on social media to save paper.

Spread the Love

Share your love for our planet by sending out Earth Day cards to everyone around you. Not only will recipients get an unexpected greeting, but you might inspire them to do something great for the earth too.

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Printable Earth Day Cards