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If you are asking yourself 'why is Arbor Day important,' then read on for more information.

Arbor Day is a special day that is set aside throughout the world to raise awareness of trees and the important role that they play in our environment. The day is celebrated on different dates around the world, depending on local seasons and temperature. This is because one of the features of Arbor Day is the planting of trees which is best done at certain times of the year. In much of the United States, Arbor Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of April. This may vary in some states, depending on local conditions.

Arbor Day was first celebrated in Nebraska in 1872 and it quickly grew to be a national and international day. People throughout the world take part in tree planting events and other celebrations of trees and the role that they play in our environment. The aim of the day is to raise awareness of trees and to help to provide an educative service to all areas of our community.

Why is Arbor Day Important Today?

Although Arbor Day has been celebrated for well over 100 years, its relevance today is as strong as it was when the day was first celebrated. When people wonder 'why is Arbor Day important' they only have to look at the destruction and long term damage that deforestation has on the environment to realize that the issues are as important today as they have ever been. Trees can no longer be taken for granted and it is important that we all learn more about trees and the role that they play in order to fully appreciate their place in our environment.

Taking Part in Arbor Day

The Arbor Day Foundation has a lot of information and support on their website to help people as individuals and groups take part in Arbor Day. This includes support for schools and youth groups. People can take part in Arbor Day in other ways too. Planting trees is obviously an important part of Arbor Day and if you cannot plant a tree in your garden, then many groups organize tree planting events. Making posters or other publicity materials is another way that people can help to support Arbor Day. In addition to raising awareness of trees, another way of supporting Arbor Day is to learn more about the use of products that are derived from trees, such as wood and paper, and understand how these can be created and managed in a sustainable way. Recycling paper is also important as this helps to preserve the stock of virgin materials.


One way to promote Arbor Day to children is to involve them in tree related crafts and activities. This can include finding tree related coloring pages, making tree decorations from recycled household items, decorating watering cans for watering young saplings and making bird feeders to encourage birds into a garden or yard. Fun and creative activities are a good way to introduce children to the issues surrounding trees and to help them to appreciate the role that they play.

When people wonder 'Why is Arbor Day important,' then the answer is quite simple. By understanding and appreciating the role of trees in our environment, we can do our bit towards maintaining and preserving trees. This is one small step that we can all take towards greener living.

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Why is Arbor Day Important