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Reusable recycled plastic toate

If you're looking for wholesale recycled plastic totes, you will soon find that the definition of what a tote is varies quite a bit. While some people think of bins as totes, others consider totes to be reusable shopping bags. Whichever type of tote you are looking for, there is a good chance you will be able to find your totes online.

Sources for Recycled Plastic Totes

Buying large quantities of any item can sometimes result in substantial discounts directly from the manufacturer, which makes buying items wholesale a good idea in many instances. Whether you need plastic totes for use in your business, or you plan to give away the plastic totes as customer incentives, you have many options available to you.

Keep in mind that some companies do not advertise a wholesale price for their plastic totes, but if you contact customer service directly and ask about a discount for buying items in large quantities, there is a good chance that you can save money on the total purchase.

Recycled Plastic Reusable Shopping Bags

These bags are becoming increasingly popular as grocery stores and other retailers have started giving discounts and other incentives to shoppers who bring their own bags. These totes are also popular as giveaways to customers or for corporate events, not only because they can be stuffed with promotional materials, but also because there is a high likelihood of the bags -prominently featuring a company logo- being reused and seen by many people.

  • Custom Earth Promos: This company provides wholesale discounts for orders of 3,000 pieces or more. The bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and can be customized with company logos. Smaller quantities are available, but in order to receive the best wholesale discount the order must total 3,000 or more.
  • Factory Direct Promos: Recycled water bottle bags available from this manufacturer are advertised as durable, lasting up to two years with normal use. The bags can feature customized logos and the purchaser has the ability to choose the color patterns for the bags. This company produces these bags for companies based in the United States as well as for companies overseas. Wholesale prices are available for large orders; visit the website to request a quote.
  • Reuseit: A variety of styles and colors are available for the wholesale recycled plastic totes offered through this company. This company also offers many other recycled items including lunch bags, napkins, and water bottles.

Many other companies offer reusable shopping bags that can feature company logos, but if you are looking for bags that are specifically made from recycled plastic you want to check to see what the bags are actually comprised of before placing an order. Not all reusable plastic bags are made from recycled plastic.

Recycled Plastic Bins

Bins made from recycled plastic can be great solutions for organization and storage. These bins can also make for good customer giveaways if personalized with a company logo because they are durable enough to be used for a long time, thereby exposing the customer to frequent reminders of the company.

  • Online Storage Solutions: This company offers plastic bins that are recycled as well as plastic bins that are not, so look carefully before selecting which bins you want to purchase. Bins are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Minimum orders of $300 are eligible for wholesale prices.
  • Global Sources: Find bins that are made completely of recycled plastic or bins that are recycled plastic combined with other materials from this company. This company also accepts customized orders for recycled plastic bins. Although this is a China-based company, there are offices located within the United States as well.
  • The Fibrex Group: This company specializes in recycled plastic bins for use by offices in addition to curbside recycling bins. Wholesale prices are available for bulk orders, and additional discounts may be available to those purchasing on behalf of the government.

Using Wholesale Recycled Plastic Totes Makes Sense

Using recycled totes can save you money, and you're doing a good thing by reducing the flow of plastic going into landfills so it all makes sense. Don't hesitate to ask a company for wholesale pricing on their totes, even if the pricing already looks good. You may wind up saving even more.

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Wholesale Recycled Plastic Totes