Where to Buy Recycled Rubber Mulch

recycled rubber mulch

Are you wondering where to buy recycled rubber mulch? If you'd like to use this earth-friendly material as mulch in your home or business garden, the first step in accomplishing your objective is to find a place where you can purchase the item.

What is Recycled Rubber Mulch?

When you use rubber mulch in your garden, you are keeping old tires out of landfill and from being disposed from on other ways. Old tires that can no longer be used for their intended purposes are shredded into small pieces that can be used for mulch in many settings. This type of mulch, which has long been a popular choice for filling in the ground beneath swing sets, see saws, and other equipment other on school and public playgrounds, has become a popular choice for home and commercial gardeners alike.

Finding Out Where to Buy Recycled Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is available from many retail outlets, including home improvement stores, mass merchandisers with sizeable garden sections, specialty gardening stores, and a number of online resources. Keep in mind that availability - especially in local stores - may vary seasonally, with the best selection available during peak planting times in your local area. Online retailers are more likely to offer full product lines year-round than stores where retail display space is at a premium.

Before you start shopping for recycled rubber mulch, it's important to be aware that it is not the least costly option for mulching your plants. You can roughly expect to pay twice as much for rubber mulch as for the wood chips that are a popular choice for home gardens. However, as with most products, it remains a fact that you get what you pay for. While wood chips are likely to wash away with normal usage and have to be replaced frequently, you can expect recycled rubber mulch to be a much more long lasting option for your gardening needs.

Locate Local Rubber Mulch Resources

When you want to purchase recycled rubber mulch locally, begin by finding out what is available at the home improvement warehouse stores in your community. Visit your local Home Depot or Lowe's to see what they have in stock, or review availability on their websites. You may also want to find out what is available at the WalMart and Target stores in your area. Additionally, use your local telephone directory to find names and contact information for garden centers in your community that may carry the recycled mulch that you want to purchase.

Where to Buy Recycled Rubber Mulch Online

  • Amazon.com - You can find bags and pallets of rubber mulch on Amazon, as well as rolls that can be used as ground cover in large areas where you won't be installing plants. You can even order floor tiles made from recycled rubber mulch if you're looking for an interesting floor cover for your sunroom, patio, or other casual area of your home.
  • Rubber Mulch Products - This company sells a wide variety of rubber products, including mulch, online via its RubberStuff store. You can order in sizes ranging from one quarter of a pallet to full pallet increments, based on your needs.
  • RubberMulch.com - This company also specializes in providing mulch made from recycled tires for both playground and landscaping usage, as well as for other large ground cover needs.
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Where to Buy Recycled Rubber Mulch