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Trees are an important part of our environment

Some people wonder what is Arbor Day all about and why is it celebrated? The answer is quite simple, Arbor Day is one day of the year when we all celebrate trees and the important role that they play in our environment.

Arbor Day is a special day that has been set aside to celebrate trees. This special day has a long history. It was started in Nebraska in 1872 and it is celebrated today throughout the United States and around the world. As many trees are planted on Arbor Day, it is celebrated on different days and at different times of the year around the world to take into account local weather conditions. In the United States the date of Arbor Day varies each year as it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of April, though again in some states the date may vary due to the climate. Whenever Arbor Day is celebrated the focus remains the same, and that is to recognize and celebrate trees and the role that they play.

What is Arbor Day and How is it Celebrated?

If you are wondering 'what is Arbor Day' then a great place to learn more is from the Arbor Day foundation. On the Arbor Day foundation website you will find detailed information about the work of the foundation and about Arbor Day itself. The website also has an interesting presentation of the history of Arbor Day, including photographs of the first ever Arbor Day celebration.

During Arbor Day, people are encouraged to plant trees. While planting a tree isn't always practical, many organizations, local groups and environmental organizations arrange for tree planting events to take place that people can join in. This makes tree planting accessible to everyone, including those living in an urban environment or without a garden or yard.

Other Ways to Take Part

As Arbor Day is largely about planting trees and raising awareness of the issues surrounding trees, there are many ways that people can take part in the day as well as just planting trees. Environmental slogans and poems can be a great way to raise awareness of environmental issues and these also work as a way to celebrate Arbor Day. Poems and slogans can be used on posters, flyers and other promotional literature explaining what Arbor Day is all about. Many schools run Arbor Day activities during the run up to Arbor Day and this often involves teaching the children more about trees and the important part they play in the environment. Schools often welcome volunteers to work with them and people with specialist knowledge about growing and caring for trees are often invited into the school to talk and work with the children.

Tree Planting Gifts

While Arbor Day is just one day a year, tree planting, tree care and raising the awareness of trees is something that can go on all year round. Trees make great gifts and this can be a great way to give someone a special gift that will also play an important role in the environment for many generations to come. The Arbor Day foundation runs a tree giving program and this makes a great gift for a special birthday, to mark the birth of a baby, to celebrate a wedding or for many other occasions.

Arbor Day is an important way to raise awareness of the many issues that surround trees. It helps to stop us from taking trees and other essential parts of the environment for granted and encourages us to learn a little more about trees and plant trees for future generations.

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