How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


"How to reduce your carbon footprint" is a question that many people ask themselves. Happily, there are a number of easy ways that people can reduce their impact on the environment and to reduce their carbon footprint.

Cycling instead of driving is one important way to reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced. Many cities are encouraging the use of cycles by making dedicated cycle lanes that provide a safe and effective cycling environment.

Electric Cars

Cars leave a significant carbon footprint. There are new generation cars that are more environmentally friendly. These include hybrid and electric cars.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike traditional gas guzzlers, electric cars do not burn fossil fuels or create carbon emissions. An electric car can travel for many miles before requiring recharging. If electricity supplied by solar power is used then this is a completely free and renewable energy source.

Alternative Heating Sources

One important way to reduce carbon footprints is to stop burning fossil fuels. This means looking for alternative heating sources within the home. While coal fires are nice to look at, they do harm the environment therefore alternatives such as electric heaters are a more environmentally friendly choice.

Buy Locally

When food, clothes and other products get shipped around the world they leave a significant carbon footprint. Instead of buying products that have traveled many thousands of miles before reaching the shelves, look for locally produced products. This will help to reduce the amount of carbon and greenhouse gases produced.

Grow Your Own Produce

Growing your own vegetables is an extremely environmentally friendly activity. This produces a minimum amount of carbon as well as giving a supply of fresh and nutritious produce.

Alternative Fuel Sources

There are many alternative fuel sources that have a minimum impact on the environment. Instead of burning fossil fuels that leave a carbon footprint, look for clean energy such as solar power. Solar panels can be fitted to roofs and can contribute significantly to a household's energy supply.

Recycle Paper

Recycling helps to reduce our carbon footprints. Recycling paper, for instance, saves the use of virgin materials, helps to stop deforestation and uses less energy than creating paper products from trees. Recycling also helps to keep waste from landfill.

Plant Trees

Offset carbon emissions by planting trees. Many environmentally aware organizations offer tree planting schemes to offset carbon emissions. These include airlines and travel companies and this helps travelers to make essential trips while not leaving a large carbon footprint.

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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint