How Can My Business Go Green to Save Money

Working from Home

If you have ever wondered "how can my business go green to save money" you'll appreciate the wide range of options available to you.

Home working can be a great way to save money and works for many job types. Home working saves needing to give office space to an employee, saving money on overheads.

Use Email

Email can be a great way to both go green and save money. This saves printing costs as well as delivery costs as correspondence is delivered electronically. Email also helps the environment by reducing the carbon emissions that are created when letters and parcels are delivered by post.

Energy Efficient Heating

Look for low energy forms of heating and cooling. This is better for the environment as well as saving money. Buildings should be well insulated to save energy and heating and cooling systems should be fitted with thermostats.

Use Hybrid Cars

Consider replacing traditional company vehicles with hybrid versions. These use less energy and therefore are kinder to the environment and can cost less to run.

Using public transport is also an environmentally friendly alternative to running company cars.

Recycle Paper

Recycle paper to save money and reduce waste. A surprising amount of paper can be recycled by printing on the reverse of documents. This is perfect for documents for internal use within a company. Consider other ways to save the use of paper, for instance not printing emails unless absolutely necessary.

Use Alternative Fuel Sources

Consider alternative forms of energy to power a building. Solar power, for instance, is a low cost way to produce energy as well as being kind to the environment. Solar power is a renewable resource and saves the use of fossil fuels.

New Technologies

New technologies, such as those that allow video conferencing, allow virtual meetings. This saves the expense of employees traveling to meetings. This saves money as well as reduces the impact on the environment.

Consult with Staff

When you are looking to go green and save money, it can be very important to regularly meet and discuss issues with members of staff. This gives people the opportunity to come up with ideas and suggestions and collectively help the environment and save money.

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How Can My Business Go Green to Save Money