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Go Green with Renewable Energy


There are many different ways to go green. Pictures and images are a great way to learn more about the different aspects of green living. The images in this slideshow take a look at the different aspects of leading a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

One important way to help the earth is to look for alternative energy sources. Energy that comes from renewable sources such as wind, sun and wave are all excellent alternatives.



Cycling is a great way to go green. Not only does cycling help the environment by not causing any harmful emissions, it is also a great way to keep fit. Many cities welcome and encourage cyclists and cycle lanes are becoming increasingly popular.

Solar Powered Lights and Gadgets


While generating all of your electricity from solar power may not be practical, there are many small items such as garden lights that are perfect for solar power. Small in built panels will collect generate enough power to provide a light in a garden for many hours.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs


Energy saving light bulbs are a good alternative to traditional bulbs. They last significantly longer as well as using less power so they can therefore help you save money as well as going green.

Electric Cars


Electric cars are very environmentally friendly. They do not burn fossil fuels and they do not generate harmful emissions. Hybrid cars are another important alternative to traditional 'gas guzzlers'.

Buy Local Food


Buying food that has been grown locally is an important part of going green. Locally produced food has traveled a limited number of miles, therefore will have a smaller carbon footprint than food that has traveled many hundreds or even thousands of miles.

Grow Fruit and Vegetabes


Consider growing your own vegetables. It is possible to grow a few fruit and vegetables in even the smallest of spaces. This can be a great way to save money as well as producing wonderfully fresh vegetables. This is also a good way to use compost that is created from kitchen waste.



Many items can be recycled and recycling is an important way that people can help the environment.

Going green is surprisingly easy - even the smallest of steps can have big impacts. Here some articles with more ideas about how to go green.

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Go Green Pictures