Examples of How Going Green Saves You Money

Make Your Own Compost


There are many examples of how going green saves you money. Making your own compost, for instance by building a compost pile, can be a great way to save money. Not only does this reduce the need to buy expensive fertilizers, it also gives a great boost to the growth of your own vegetables and fruit. Many people build a compost tumbler or compost bin to produce compost from kitchen and garden waste.

Buy Locally


Buying fruit and vegetables locally can help save money through not using fuel to drive to stores that are many miles away. Farmers' markets and buying direct from farms are also another way to go green and often save money. Use fabric or reusable grocery bags to save using plastic bags which can be harmful to the environment.

Cycle to Save Money


Cycling instead of using a car is a great way to save money and keep fit. Using a bicycle for local journeys is a useful complement to fuel efficient driving and reduces the amount of fuel used. Alternative forms of transport such as cycling can be a useful way to save energy as well as money.

Grow Your Own Produce


Growing your own produce is a great way to have beautiful and fresh fruit and vegetables while also saving money. Growing your own produce can be the first steps to a self sufficient home or as a hobby. Growing your own produce and urban self sufficiency is possible in even the smallest of spaces.

Collect Rainwater


Saving rainwater is a useful way of gaining a free supply of water for the garden, cleaning the car and other occasions where drinking quality water is not required. This is another one of the examples of how going green saves you money. It is simple to build a rain barrel and there are many rain barrel kits that make the task even easier.

Solar Water Heaters


An energy efficient hot water heater, such as a solar powered water heater, can also save money. A solar powered water heater uses the heat from the sun to heat the water. During the summer months this provides free hot water. Even on days when the sun is not strong enough to fully heat the water, by simply taking the chill off the cold water, a solar water heater will help to reduce the energy that is needed to heat the water.

Conserve Water


Many people are surprised when they use a water conservation calculator how easy it is to conserve water at home. A simple dripping tap can waste gallons of water over the course of time. There are many useful water saving devices that can help to save water. Ways to save water include low flow toilets and front loading washing machines.

Efficient Heating Can Save Money


An energy efficient house saves energy and therefore money. Simply putting thermostats onto heating systems can help to save money. Heating devices such as an energy efficient space heater can also help to keep a room warm while not wasting energy. There are many other energy conservation tips, such as insulating the roof and using energy efficient light bulbs that can also help to save energy and therefore money.

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Examples of How Going Green Saves You Money