Recycled Paper Tabletops

Recycle paper into table tops

Recycled paper tabletops can make an environmentally friendly alternative to other forms of table and countertops.

Tabletops and countertops can be made from many different materials. They can be created from wood, stone, concrete and a vast variety of other materials. Many types of countertops, however, are not environmentally friendly. This means that they either are made from materials that are from an unsustainable resource or are not recyclable, among other possible reasons. People looking for a greener way of life or who are building or renovating a home in an environmentally friendly way want an alternative type of tabletop or countertop that both look great and are kind to the environment. An interesting innovation is recycled paper tabletops. This is a top that is made from recycled paper fibers which have been set in a substance such as resin, which creates a hard wearing and tough material that is suitable for countertops and tabletops.

Advantages of Recycled Paper Tabletops and Countertops

There are many advantages of recycled paper tabletops and countertops. These include:

  • Sustainable source - recycled paper is a sustainable source of material. Even tabletops that are made using virgin wood material can be described as environmentally friendly as the wood can be replaced as long as it is grown in a sustainable manner. Paper fibers can also be mixed with other fibers, such as bamboo.
  • Recycled - the use of recycled paper keeps waste out of the waste disposal system and out of landfills. This has many benefits and can help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced.
  • Hard wearing - this type of countertop or tabletop is a solid top. This means that if the top gets scratched it can be sanded to disguise the scratch. This type of tabletop can be more hard wearing than laminated surfaces.

Disadvantages of Recycled Paper Tops

There are also some disadvantages to recycled paper tabletops and countertops. These include:

  • Cost - the cost of this type of tabletop is often more expensive than other surfaces. This can add significantly to the price of a renovation project or new kitchen.
  • Availability - this is still a relatively new form of material and as such is not as widely available as other forms of counter or tabletops. A green home builder will be able to give advice on different environmentally friendly options.

Buying Recycled Paper Tops

Companies that offer countertops or tabletops made from recycled paper include:

  • Paperstone Products - this company has three options, including a surface that is made from 100 percent post consumer cardboard.
  • Richlite - offers a paper based surface that can be used for countertops and tabletops.

Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

There are other table and countertop options available that are environmentally friendly. One of these is the use of recycled or reclaimed wood. This can be a good way to bring a unique touch to a kitchen or dining room as every piece of reclaimed wood is different. Recycled glass countertops are another alternative that could be worth considering.

Using recycled materials in the home can help the environment. There are many materials that can be recycled into countertops, tabletops and other items that can be used around the home. Looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional building materials is one more step that we can all take towards helping the environment.

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Recycled Paper Tabletops