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Fire Pit

If you are considering the purchase of a fire pit before your next garden party, look into recycled fire pits as well. Not only will you get a beautiful product, sure to light up the night, you'll also be helping to repurpose metal scraps that would otherwise be wasted.

Materials Used in a Fire Pit

Fire pits are frequently constructed of a sheet of metal, domed into the shape of a bowl. This metal may be surrounded by tile or brick and is frequently supported by additional metal forming legs to keep the dish off the ground.

Styles range from rustic to contemporary, with decorative metals such as copper and bronze that may be hammered, polished or cut into decorative designs. Copper, bronze and iron are all non-renewable sources; once the materials have been pulled from the Earth they will not reproduce.

Sources of Recycled Metal

When you think of recycling in your day-to-day life, you probably think of plastic, paper, cardboard and aluminum. Rarely will you have the chance to recycle copper, bronze or steel with your curbside pickup, so where do these materials get recycled from? The materials used in recycled fire pits can come from a number of sources including:

  • Demolition sites from countries such as Turkey
  • Tomato paste drums
  • Propane tanks
  • Kitchen appliances

Benefits of Recycled Fire Pits

Many fire pits made from recycled materials are hand crafted by artisans, giving you a unique product as well as a more environmentally friendly one. Fire pits crafted from recycled stainless steel will actually give off heat the way that a wood stove will, which is perfect for those cool, end of summer nights when you want to squeeze just a little more enjoyment out of your backyard.

Drawbacks to Recycled Metal Fire Pits

While the recycling of old metal into fire pits is a great way to repurpose old metal, there are some environmental drawbacks. Many of these items are crafted overseas which costs fuel to get them to the US, particularly as they can weigh quite a bit.

Many of these recycled pits are set up to burn charcoal, gas and wood rather than more environmentally friendly substances such as sawdust pellets or corn. So while the fire pit itself is more environmentally friendly, its use is not.

Creating a More Environmentally Friendly Fire Pit

If you love the look of a fire pit, and wish to purchase one to use, there are ways you can make sure you are getting the most green friendly product available. After all, even a minor reduction in environmental impact can add up if it's done in a widespread way. Try some of these tricks to decrease your environmental impact while using a fire pit.

  • Purchase a fire pit from local artisans, rather than those created overseas
  • Purchase fire pits that are able to burn alternative fuel sources, rather than just wood or charcoal
  • Use logs made of recycled coffee grounds, or sawdust rather than wood

Purchasing a Fire Pit

If you are looking to purchase a fire pit made of recycled material, check out any one of these retailers to find a product that fits your needs.

Recycled and repurposed fire pits are a great example of how you can help to reduce your environmental impact without making major lifestyle changes. Simply paying attention to purchases, their source, material and use you can help reduce your impact in way that won't make an impact on your comfort or lifestyle. Look for recycled metal products such as these and feel confident you are doing your part.

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