Ways to Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls

toilet paper roll used as a planter

How do you recycle toilet paper rolls? The cardboard inner tube of a toilet or kitchen paper roll can be used in many ways. Instead of throwing yours out, why not take a look at some of these interesting ideas.

Recycling is important however it needn't be boring. Some materials, such as empty toilet paper rolls, present plenty of opportunity for crafts and games. These are ideal recycling projects for kids. Instead of using new paper and cardboard for arts and crafts projects, there are a wide number of materials that are found around the house that can be recycled. If craft projects aren't your thing then don't forget schools and youth groups who are always on the look out for materials for craft projects.

What to Do with Toilet Paper Rolls

Here are some ideas for how to recycle toilet paper rolls and other cardboard tubes.

Make Paper

handmade paper

Cardboard tubes, such as those found inside toilet paper rolls are ideal for making recycled paper. The paper fibers can easily be broken down by breaking the rolls into small pieces and soaking them in paper. Simple paper making projects can be undertaken at home with little in the way of special materials. People can also add seeds to the paper to make plantable paper. This is a great way to make environmentally friendly gift tags and other gift embellishments.

Drawer Tidies

The inside tube from toilet paper rolls and other paper rolls can be perfect for making drawer tidies. Place a number of tubes open side up in a drawer and use these for storing socks and other small items. They are a great way to keep drawers organized. To make the drawer tidy more attractive, cover the cardboard tubes with paper. Unwanted gift wrap would be ideal for this and will help to give the drawer tidy a more finished feel.

Kid's Crafts

toilet roll kids craft monsters

Toilet paper rolls can be used in many kid's crafts. The tubes make great puppets and can also be used to make animals. Many other items can also be recycled in kid's crafts and a ready supply of paper, yarn, ribbons and more will be very useful.

Small Animal or Bird Toy

Small animals, such as hamsters, love to play with cardboard tubes. They will use the tube to play in and hide. They will also chew the tube. This is a good way to recycle toilet paper rolls and other cardboard tubes. When the hamster's cage is cleaned out, the chewed paper and other contents can be placed in the compost bin.

Napkin Rings

Cover unwanted paper tubes with wrapping paper or other thin paper to make napkin rings. Simply cut the tubes to size and use a decorative paper. These are great for parties and they can be created to match other decorations. If they are for a kid's party then get the children involved in making the napkin rings. Embellishments can be added to jazz the napkin rings up.


Recycle toilet paper rolls by tearing them into small pieces and using them as packaging in parcels and other packages. Items can also be placed inside paper tubes for added protection.

Make Use of Empty Rolls

With a little thought, there are a surprising number of ways to recycle toilet paper rolls and other card tubes. Keep hold of your unwanted paper tubes and other items and if you don't want to use them, pass them on to a group who will be able to make good use of them.

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Ways to Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls