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Reclaimed Wood Counter

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A reclaimed wood counter looks stunning and is also an environmentally friendly choice. This can be a great alternative if you are looking to revamp or rebuild a kitchen.

Reclaimed wood makes a great choice for counters. Reclaimed wood comes from many sources. This includes old buildings and industrial units as well as from pieces of furniture. This means that each piece of wood has its own character and story to tell. Items of reclaimed wood often have markings, holes or scratches that reflect its previous life and are colored and aged through years of use. As no two pieces of reclaimed wood are the same, this is an ideal choice for people looking for something a little different. A counter of reclaimed wood can make a stunning addition to a kitchen or dining room and complements both traditional and contemporary styles.

Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Reclaimed wood is often an environmentally friendly alternative to new wood. Using reclaimed wood means that virgin wood has not been cut and processed and this helps to preserve wood supplies and reduce the energy used to process and distribute new wood. Not all new wood should be regarded as being bad for the environment, however, wood that comes from a sustainable source or is part of a managed supply can also be a good environmentally friendly option.

Buying a Reclaimed Wood Counter

When fitting a new kitchen or looking to revamp an old kitchen, picking counters is a big part of the process. The counters need to be hard wearing and practical, however as they are on display, they also need to look good. The counters help to determine the overall look and feel of a kitchen. While many kitchen companies offer wood counters as an option, reclaimed wood counters are more of a specialist purchase. There are companies around the country who specialize in working with reclaimed wood and these can be a good option for someone looking for something specific. Many artisan wood workers and carpenters also work with reclaimed wood and these often offer a custom-made service, creating designs that are specifically tailored to an individual's requirements.

When looking to buy a reclaimed counter top there are a number of factors to consider. These include:


Reclaimed wood is often relatively expensive. This is because a lot of time is often spent making and crafting items made from reclaimed wood. Unlike new wood that comes in standard shapes and sizes, reclaimed wood can require more work to make it into usable items. While forming an entire kitchen from reclaimed wood might not be an option, having one or two pieces can be a good compromise. A center unit, for instance, made from reclaimed wood can be a stunning feature and works well with both traditional and contemporary styles.

Type of Wood

It can be difficult to match reclaimed wood to other woods because of the natural aging process. This needs to be taken into account when designing a kitchen. Often it is better to pick woods that contrast and coordinate with each other than to try and match woods.


Wood counters can be made in a wide variety of styles. Some companies have a standard range to pick from and this can be a more cost effective option than buying custom-made counters. The style will depend on the type of kitchen and the home owner's requirements. Reclaimed wood, with its unique markings and history, works well with simple styles and designs. This allows the natural beauty and character of the wood to be displayed to its full advantage.

Reclaimed wood counters can be a great option and are a stunning addition to any kitchen.

Reclaimed Wood Counter