Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

Wind turbines

Humans can't rely on coal and oil forever, so many people are debating the pros and cons of wind energy. Could this renewable energy source be the right choice to power your home?

Considering the Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

If you are considering investing in a wind turbine to power your home, you'll likely spend some time researching how they work and if this investment is worth it. Like other environmentally friendly options, there are many pros and cons of wind energy to weigh against one another.


  • The creation of wind energy is "clean". Unlike the use of coal or oil, generating energy from the wind doesn't produce pollutants or require any harmful chemicals.
  • Although the equipment to harvest wind energy is not free, the wind itself is free. If you live in a geographical location that receives plenty of wind, it is there for the taking.
  • As a renewable resource, wind can never be depleted like other natural, non-renewable resources.
  • The electric company may end up owing you. If you generate more electricity than you need from wind power, it can be fed back into the grid and you'll receive credit.
  • The cost of producing wind energy has dropped significantly in recent years, and as it gains popularity, it will continue to become more affordable.
  • Wind turbines can provide energy for many homes. You don't necessarily have to own a wind turbine in order to reap the benefits; you can purchase your electricity from a utility company that harnesses wind energy.
  • Tax incentives are offered for installing wind turbines on the federal and state levels.
  • Land owners who rent land to wind farms can make quite a bit of extra money, and wind energy also creates new jobs in this growing technology field.
  • Wind turbines are considered by some to be beautiful. Current versions look nothing like pastoral Dutch windmills, but they are white, sleek and modern.
  • Wind energy reduces our dependence on fossil fuels from foreign countries.
  • The industry is projected to drive job growth.


Before You Commit

Before investing in a home wind turbine system, make sure you have adequate acreage and wind flow. Double check local and state regulations because noise and height regulations may prohibit installing a system. If unable to install a home system, check with the utility options in your regions. It may be possible to purchase energy that has been generated with wind turbines.

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Pros and Cons of Wind Energy