Pictures of Going Green Projects for Kids

Learning About the Environment

Going green kid projects will help to make learning more about how to be environmentally friendly fun for all concerned. Learning about the environment isn't just for the classroom, making it part of every day life in a fun and engaging way will help children to become more aware of green issues.

One way to help children become aware of the issues regarding waste is to collect reusable cartons and containers to use in craft projects. With a little thought, an almost endless supply of craft materials can be found from recycled items. Plastic bottles make great musical instruments, containers for paint and more!

Cycling and the Environment

Teaching children early on about the benefits of sustainable transport options can be made a lot more interesting when this is connected with activities such as cycling. A fun going green kid project is to incorporate learning more about transport while also learning about cycling and cycling safety. This covers some important issues while also making learning fun.

Growing Vegetables

Giving a child a small patch of garden to allow them to grow a few plants is a great way of helping them develop an interest in the environment. Vegetables such as lettuces, carrots and other salad crops are quick to grow and are easy to look after. These are good beginner gardening projects. A gardening project is also a good way to teach children about the benefits of fresh food and buying locally produced food where possible.

Recycled Paper Projects

Getting children to collect and recycle newspapers is a great way for them to learn more about recycling and waste. Recycled paper can also be used in craft projects. Gift wrapping paper, for instance, can be made by decorating newspaper sheets with paint. Newspapers can also be used to make recycled paper products at home. This is a fun activity for children of all ages.

Conserve Water

Learning about the importance of water conservation is important, however it can be made a lot more fun for children by giving them a project of looking for ways to save water in the home. Older children can work out how much water they save by turning the water off when they are cleaning their teeth and in other water conserving tasks. This would adapt to other forms of energy saving in the home, for instance encouraging children to think of different ways to save electricity usage.

Measuring water collected in a water barrel is another way to interest youngsters in water conservation.

Green Crafts

Crafts are a great way to teach children about the environment. Encouraging children to make posters that raise awareness of environmental issues or making other items such as handmade cards and calendars to raise the profile of an issue as gifts, can be a great way for children to raise awareness of green issues and have fun at the same time.

Skills for Green Crafts

There are some basic skills, such as sewing, which are useful for a child to learn and will help them with many green projects. Learning how to make clothes or repurpose recycled items into fashionable accessories will be easy if a child knows how to sew. These are projects that will be of great interest to older children and teenagers, as they look to customize their clothes and develop their own style.

Family Projects

Good green project for kids should also involve the whole family. Whether it's planting some plants in pots, learning more about recycling or other green activities, they are more fun and meaningful when the whole family gets involved.

More Going Green Kid Projects

There are many other ways that children can get involved with green projects. Some communities have special events for children, such as organizing park clean-ups, and youth groups often have environmental awareness programs.

For more ideas for green projects for kids, take a look at:

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Pictures of Going Green Projects for Kids