Going Green: Eco-Friendly Cycling Studio Interview

Kinetic Cycling

Today people are finding more and more ways to start going green. Eco-friendly cycling studios may not be your first thought when trying to change your lifestyle, but it is a perfect fit for entrepreneur and celebrity personal trainer John Scarangello. He has recently opened an eco-friendly, all-green kinetic cycling studio. Want to learn more? Check out the following interview.

Going Green: Eco-Friendly Cycling Studio Interview

Recently, LoveToKnow was able to speak with John Scarangello about his new fitness studio, Kinetic Cycling. Located in Los Angeles, this new studio is making waves as the newest trend among the earth-conscious health enthusiasts of the city. Now people can get fit while doing their part to protect the planet. Get ready to get inspired!

About Kinetic Cycling

What is Kinetic Cycling?

Kinetic Cycling is an eco-friendly, community minded indoor Cycling Studio that strives to make people's lives better through the delivery of its mission - the belief that anyone can become a better athlete by applying this mantra in their daily exercise and lives: "Change your mind, Change your body, Change your life".

What motivated you to open an eco-friendly cycling studio?


I truly believe that no one person can "change the world" or "change the climate" but I believe the green movement is a wonderful "vehicle" (all puns intended) to raise awareness for causes that can only help our society. "One Prius will not fix anything, but 10 million hybrid cars will sustain a new way of thinking".

What was your primary goal opening this studio?

To help people live richer fuller and more positive lives and promote "good energy" and positive thinking.

Why cycling as opposed to other fitness programs?

Cycling is a fantastic way to bring 50 people together at a time and form a collective "energy" and "group spirit" in order to enrich peoples minds, bodies and souls.

What Makes It Special

How do clients benefit from your eco-friendly cycling studio?

First off, riding at Kinetic Cycling is like a vacation. Our studio is a THX Surround Cinema with bikes. Our students can ride to an amazing sonic experience of a live concert while surfing a 100 foot wave! Pretty good for a Monday afternoon rush hour workout.

What special features does your studio have?

We have the most modern indoor cycles on the planet, the Keiser M3 which is not only silent, but has a trip computer that tells the rider RPM's, heart rate, watts generated, distance, the level of resistance on the wheel, and time on the bike. Plus, five bikes are equipped with generators that actually produce power that is used to run Kinetic Cycling.

How do you protect the environment?

We have five bikes that were retrofitted with power generators by a company called The Green Revolution, that not only produce electricity but power our studio and collect the energy in a way that it can be sold back to the power company's power grid when there is extra! We have a recycling program and continually try to educate and bring green awareness to our client base. We use very little energy for a company our size through the use of an energy efficient lighting system, an energy efficient heating and cooling system, and a "green" water machine.

What challenges did you face to make this studio a reality?

There are always the challenges of time and money when trying to do something special. I think that thinking in a green way enabled us to be ten times more creative in building a unique and innovative business. We wouldn't have a room that changes colors every 60 seconds if we didn't look all over the globe for a low energy light source, and its truly amazing to look at.

Goals for the Future

What are your future goals?


We are currently in negotiations to open our first franchise studio in New Haven, CT. Our prospective partner in Connecticut has built the first sustainable or "green" commercial building of its type in the state of Connecticut. We are planning to open at least four other Kinetic Cycling Studios in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago to start.

Will you expand to offer other programs?

Kinetic Cycling is just this week introducing a one hour "Yoga for Cyclists/Spinners" and is about to roll out its all new hybrid class, which is 40 minutes of Cycling and 40 minutes of yoga.

Go Green with Your Workout

How do you educate your clients on green living?

As I mentioned before the main goal of our Green Initiative is to raise awareness; we show our students how our Green Revolution bikes produce electricity and feed the power grid. We promote our eco-friendly clothing line made from recycled materials, we encourage the use of our refillable canteen water vending machine, we show off our low voltage/low wattage lighting in every class, and constantly brag how we run a good size business on less than a $200 per month electric bill. It's all about raising awareness.

What tips can you give readers who want to go green with their workouts?

Walk to your workout, if you live reasonably close. Bring a reusable canteen; they are actually safer and healthier for you to use. If you have to drive to your workout, get an energy efficient car that self promotes itself as such to everybody who see it. Imagine the possibilities when you drive by one million people in your cool GREEN car!

What else would you like to share?

Try to live a life that is healthy and positively contributes to the lives of others, society and your own as well. Oh yeah ..."Positive thinking is like an emotional shower, it may not last forever but it's a good idea to engage in the act daily"!

More Information

Kinetic Cycling offers some amazing innovations for the fitness enthusiast. They are a great inspiration to other businesses and they prove it can be done! Kinetic Cycling has a green air conditioning system and the entire room only needs 250 watts of lighting. Their sound insulation is derived from recycled blue jeans and they recycled parts from the original building by turning them into useful items for the studio.

Kinetic Cycling also offers yoga classes in addition to cycling. If you're not fortunate enough to live in Los Angeles, keep watching. With the popularity they are experiencing and their future goals, you may soon have a Kinetic Cycling Studio near you. For more information, visit Kinetic Cycling.com.

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Going Green: Eco-Friendly Cycling Studio Interview