Go Green Slogans

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Catchy Going Green slogans can be used for a variety of situations. A slogan will grab the attention of those around you. Use one for a school project, as a theme for your volunteer organization, or to remind those in the local community or workplace of the importance of going green.

Going Green Slogans

A good green slogan is catchy, impacting, and easy to remember. Often, they are a play on other familiar going green slogans and take the form of statements, exclamations, and even questions. You've likely seen a few of these popular go green slogans in your time, and they are generally broken up into major categories.

Green Slogans for Public Awareness

One of the most important uses of a Go Green slogan is that it helps to raise awareness in places where environmental issues may not be in the forefront of the collective consciousness. Slogans to raise awareness at school events and other types of events shouldn't be too abrasive. The point is not to detract from the event, but rather to ensure that your message gets across in a way that doesn't alienate those you wish to reach. Some great examples of slogans for public awareness are:

  • Environmental activists
    Lead the scene and keep it green.
  • Keep green and keep our planet clean.
  • Take a stand for the love of green.
  • Don't be mean, just go green.
  • Think green.
  • Take a ride on the green side.
  • Welcome to the green team.
  • Get into the green scene.
  • Stay green and be seen.
  • Go green or go home.
  • Break the green barrier in your life.
  • Going green means you have made the conscious decision to not steal from your children.
  • I'm green, you're green, we're all green and mainstream.
  • Go green so there will be a tomorrow.
  • Live life cleaner by making Earth greener.
  • Walk away from the mean team and join the green team.
  • Make green your favorite color.
  • Go green - stop pretending actions don't have consequences.

Conservation Slogans

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Slogans on conservation focus on resource management issues and energy conservation. You want people to get your message and take action at home, work, school, and in their daily life. Some examples of green conservation sayings are:

  • Live green to save more green.
  • Ride a bike or take a hike to go green.
  • Conserve to preserve green.
  • Conserve energy to save on green.
  • Reduce your footprint and go green.

Funny Going Green Slogans

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It's worth noting that not all slogans need to be serious in nature. Most of the time, a funny slogan can bring people over to your side much more easily than something that goes on and on about the graveness of the environmental situation. Examples of funny slogans include:

  • Go green or we all will scream!
  • Go Green! Green goes with everything, you know!
  • Keep Calm and just Go Green!
  • Join the Green Side.
  • Go Green or else!
  • Live green since there is no other planet to live on.

Create Your Own Slogans

Slogans are meant to be short and catchy. Slogans shouldn't be too complex or hard to memorize. They should be to-the-point and you should strive to make a slogan that you could envision someone passively repeating while making coffee at work. It needs to be something that sticks.

The Impact of Great Green Slogans

Sure, no slogan is going to change the world or the way people approach their daily actions. That much is given. However, it has long been understood in the business world that slogans can have a genuine impact on the fervor with which your base will mobilize itself. By getting your slogan just right, you could be having your own small impact on helping to change the way the world sees environmental issues.

Go Green Slogans