Features of the Ford Fusion Hybrid

How Do Hybrid Cars Save Money
Hybrid cars can save money

A Ford Fusion Hybrid is one green automobile option currently on the market. If you're not sure if the Fusion Hybrid is for you, keep reading to learn all about it.

What Is a Hybrid Car?

A hybrid vehicle combines more than one energy source to power the car. This usually includes at least one electric motor and battery along with the internal combustion engine found in regular vehicles. The dual power source proves advantageous over completely electric cars which must be plugged in and recharged at certain intervals. Hybrid vehicles feature much higher gas mileage than regular vehicles because of the electric motor that handles part of the workload.

Features of the Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Fusion Hybrid offers several distinct features if you're considering it for your next vehicle purchase.

SmartGauge With Eco Drive

The SmartGauge feature in the Fusion Hybrid pops up to help maximize fuel efficiency. It provides suggestions as you drive to maximize the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The SmartGauge analyzes how you are driving the vehicle to determine how well you are taking advantage of its potential fuel efficiency. As you improve your fuel-efficient driving, the SmartGauge feature grows vines as a little reward for your green driving prowess. You can choose how much input you want from the car based on your comfort level with driving a hybrid. As you drive the Fusion, you may find you need less input because fuel efficient driving will become second nature to you.

Gas Mileage

The Ford Fusion beats many other similar hybrid vehicles in gas mileage. It is listed at 41 miles per gallon for city driving and 36 miles per gallon for highway miles. It will ideally go for over 700 city miles on one tank of gas.


The Fusion has a regenerative braking system which captures energy during braking that is normally lost. This energy is used to recharge the battery. The Fusion can drive up to 47 miles per hour under electric power which is faster than other hybrids. The engine turns off and on as needed. Most people report you can't tell when the engine turns off and on which is a big plus. The transition from the gas and electric engines is smooth in the Fusion which results in a more pleasant driving experience.

Navigation System

The optional navigation system does more than give you directions to your favorite restaurant. It also helps you track the operation of your vehicle through the Energy Flow Display. You can track the performance of the engine, electric motor and battery charging through the regenerative braking system.


Beyond being a hybrid vehicle, the interior of the Ford Fusion also uses green materials. The foam used in the seats is from 85 percent post-consumer recycled material. The upholstery itself is also made from recycled materials that increase the vehicle's green factor.

Buying the Fusion Hybrid

The Ford website lists the starting MSRP for a 2010 Fusion Hybrid at $27,950. A Ford dealership is your best place to start if you decide that buying the Fusion Hybrid is for you. Ford offers an inventory locator to help you find one. The website also allows you to build a Fusion with the features you want and gives you a price quote for it. Your local dealership can also help you locate a hybrid and have it delivered to the dealership.

Green Driving

Vehicles such as the Ford Fusion Hybrid offer a green alternative for your transportation needs. The green nature of hybrid vehicles along with the special features it offers makes the Fusion Hybrid a viable option for many families who want a green commute.

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Features of the Ford Fusion Hybrid