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When out of the home and on the move, people need to look for an alternative solution to their traditional home filtration water system. Filtered water bottles may be the perfect option that provides all the benefits of filtered water, whatever its source.

Popular Filtered Water Bottles

Recently, filtered water bottle popularity has gone through the roof. This has led to a large amount of big-name companies putting out their own versions of these bottles. The majority of these bottles are only intended to be used with already filtered water and are meant to filter out chlorine odors that result from the purification process. However, there are also more extreme options available for people who enjoy backpacking or who may be visiting areas of the world where potable water is not readily accessible.

  • Brita Bottle is the entry by the well-known water purification company Brita. Brita has made itself a household name thanks to its popular and effective line of water filtration and purification products. The Brita Bottle is BPA-free, it is easy to take anywhere you go, and it is very simple to use.
  • The CamelBak Stainless Steel Groove Filter Water Bottle is a very durable bottle that is meant to last for quite a long time. The durability of the bottle really complements the ease of use, meaning this bottle can be used in a wide range of situations without worrying about durability issues. This bottle is another bottle that is only meant for use with already potable water. The filter simply removes minerals and any left-over chemicals from the municipal purification process.
  • The LivPURE Filtered Water Bottle is a very popular bottle that works much like the Brita Bottle. However, the Brita Bottle filter juts into the water below, which displaces the water and means you get less water in the bottle. Also, the filter on the Brita Bottle needs to be changed after 150 refills. The filter on the LivPURE is integrated into the cap and can last for up to 500 refills.
  • The Katadyn MyBottle is a great solution for people who need to get a little more extreme with their water filtration. The filter is the only water bottle filter that is registered with the EPA. It is designed to rigorous standards that far outweigh those of the other filters on this list. Unlike the others, the MyBottle is designed to filter out viruses and disease-causing protozoa that can exist in untreated water. This makes the MyBottle the perfect choice for backpackers or people visiting countries with poor sanitation and water purification practices.

How Water Bottle Filters Work

Filtered water bottles are water bottles that are fitted with a filtration system. This means that the bottle can be filled up from any normal water source and the water will be filtered to remove impurities and contaminants. In effect, filtered water bottles provide a personal water filtration system.

Water bottle filters work in different ways depending on the manufacturer and the design of the bottle. Some water filters are fitted so that water is filtered as it is consumed while others filter the water as it enters the bottle. All types of water bottle filters have the same goal, and that is to remove contaminants from the water and to provide a source of filtered water while away from home.

Benefits of Filtered Bottles

Advantages of using a water bottle with a filtration system include:

  • Cost: One of the biggest advantages of being able to filter water on the go is that it saves the need to buy bottled water. Bottled water is comparatively expensive to buy with smaller bottles costing proportionately more than larger bottles of water.
  • Environmental impact: In addition to the financial cost, there is also an environmental cost as bottled water normally comes packaged in single-use bottles that end up in landfills. There is also the energy cost of making bottles that are disposed of after one use as well as the energy consumed in delivering and storing the bottles before they are sold. Refilling bottles with water that can be filtered is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Convenience: Being able to fill up a water bottle anywhere gives someone complete freedom when traveling. A water bottle that is complete with a filter ensures that filtered water is available while someone is on the move. It reduces the need to find stores that are open or the inconvenience of carrying around enough home filtered water when away from the house.

Drink Water Safely

Water bottles with filters are a great compromise for people on the go and who are looking for a personal water filtering system. They provide clean drinking water at a low cost with limited environmental impact.

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