Environmentally Friendly Decking

Green decking is kind to the environment

If you want to combine green living with outdoor living, then environmentally friendly decking might be the answer.

Many people enjoy spending time outside and see their porches, gardens, yards and patios as being an extension of their living space. Let's face it, what is better than sitting outside on a warm summer's evening, watching the sun go down and enjoying the good things in life. To really get the most, however, from an outdoor area, some form of decking or other material is necessary. This means that the area is accessible all year long (no worries about it becoming out of bounds during heavy rain). While grass is an alternative, it is relatively high maintenance as it requires regular cutting and looking after. An arguably more important consideration for green livers, however, is that grass needs regular watering and this large water investment has a significant environmental cost. A water conservation calculator can give further information about the amount of water that is used watering lawns. Decking is a great alternative, however some people are concerned about the environmental aspects of decking. Finding environmentally friendly decking is therefore the perfect alternative.

What is Environmentally Friendly Decking?

For decking to be described as being environmentally friendly it must be produced in such a way that it does not have a negative impact on the environment. This means that the wood must come from a sustainable source, that the production process uses the minimum of energy and that materials are recycled where appropriate. Decking is traditionally made of wood, therefore it is very important to check that the timber merchants have a policy regarding the supply of wood from sustainable sources.

Buying Decking That's Kind to the Environment

Many builders' supply stores sell a range of decking materials and these can be a good place to look at the alternatives available. These stores usually have experienced staff who can talk through the different types available and address any concerns as well as offer advice as to the best way to fix the decking and any special maintenance requirements.

There are also plenty of online stores that offer green alternatives to traditional decking and these include:

  • Trex - This company offers an alternative to pure wood decking. Trex is made from 50 percent recycled materials and 50 percent wood. This means that the product is not only environmentally friendly but it is also easy to maintain and does not have many of the drawbacks that pure wood products have.
  • PermaDeck - This is a wood polymer composite alternative to traditional wood decking. This environmentally friendly material is easy to maintain and is non-slip and resistant to termites.

Other Options for Green Decking

There are other alternatives that might be interesting for someone looking for eco decking and is also keen to explore new and different ideas:

Recycled Wood

Recycled wood can make great decking. Old railway sleepers, for instance, are hard wearing and would make an interesting decking surface. There are other sources of recycled wood that may also be suitable and a green builder will be able to give more advice.

Revamping Old Decking

If the new decking is to replace old decking, is it possible to revamp the existing decking to give it a new lease of life. Very often old and rotten decking can be repaired with only the unrepairable pieces of the decking replaced. A few well placed garden pots or garden furniture will hide any inconsistencies in the decking color as well as adding additional features to the outdoor living area. Green home builders may also be able to offer ideas and advice.

Adding eco friendly decking to your home will help you extend your living area into the outdoors while still being 'green'.

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Environmentally Friendly Decking