Eco Friendly Inexpensive Gifts

Have a Green Celebration.
Have a green celebration.

Finding eco friendly inexpensive gifts can be quite a challenge. With a little creative thought, however, a range of different gift options can be given which will be much appreciated by the recipient as well as being kind to the environment.

Cheap Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

We all like to give gifts, whether it is exchanging presents during the holidays or giving a special gift on a birthday. Finding gifts that are both eco friendly and kind on the purse can be a challenge. There are many ways, however, of marking an occasion and sharing a special gift that needn't cost a lot of money.

Gift of Time

In this busy world something we all treasure is time. A few hours to simply read a book or relax is often difficult to achieve. Therefore giving someone the gift of time will be much valued. You can do this in a number of ways, for instance offering to babysit or look after the kids, do household chores so someone else can relax or any number of other ways. To make this really work you need to make sure that you make it happen. With intangible gifts such as this it is easy for the gift to drift and not happen.

Gift Vouchers

Giving someone an unwanted gift is a waste of time and money. If it then ends up in a landfill then it is also an environmental issue. While gift vouchers might not be the most original idea, they do ensure that the recipient buys exactly what they want.

Handmade Gifts

Many handmade gifts are low in cost, kind to the environment and likely to be much appreciated. The range of handmade gift ideas is extensive and ranges from handcooked cakes or cookies through to hand sewn gifts. Repurposing used clothes is a great way to make unique gifts. Reusable grocery bags are also a good gift idea and quick to make.


A special gift that can be shared within families or among friends is a scrapbook. This can be a lovely way to share memories as a gift and is likely to be much appreciated. This can include family photos, copies of keepsakes and other special items.

Digital Magazine or Book Voucher

If someone has a computer or digital book reader then digital book or magazine vouchers are a great gift option. These are book and magazines that are delivered digitally and not printed. This saves energy since the books are not delivered nor is energy used in processing the paper or printing.

Re-Gift Gifts

Re-gifting gifts is another environmentally friendly idea. This is where you pass on gifts to other people or give them items that you no longer want. This works well if everyone is taking part. It also works well if you have a theme, for instance 'books'. Everyone would give the gift of an unwanted book. This works well with a wide variety of items.

Discuss Giving Eco Friendly Inexpensive Gifts

For any form of eco friendly inexpensive gifts to really work well, it is important to let family and friends know what you are doing. It is useful to do this early on as it saves the embarrassment of someone buying you an expensive gift and you simply passing them on an unwanted book. Discussing this between families and friends is also a great way to get new ideas and find exciting ways to give gifts and enjoy the gift giving process in an environmentally responsible manner.

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