Eco-Friendly House Plans

Build a green home.
Build a green home.

If you are in the position of building a home from scratch, then eco friendly house plans might be just the thing. A modern eco friendly house combines energy efficiency with comfort and style.

While many people aspire towards owning a completely green home, unless you can start from scratch this can sometimes be difficult to achieve. When you are looking to improve an existing home and want to make it more energy efficient or kind to the environment, you also need to take into consideration things like local conditions. Not all planning departments will allow solar panels, for instance, or there may be other restrictions. The situation of a property is important too. An eco friendly house needs plenty of exposure to the sun if solar power is to be used and requires the space for other energy generating equipment if necessary. Starting from scratch and using eco friendly house plans to create the perfect environmentally friendly home can be a great option.

What is an Eco Friendly House?

An eco friendly house is a house that ensures that both the fabric of the building and the family that live there have as minimum negative impact on the environment as possible. This means that a wide number of things need to be taken into consideration:

  • Building materials - eco friendly building materials are necessary for a green home. This means that, where possible, materials are sourced from sustainable supplies and are produced with a minimum carbon footprint. This might include using recycled materials such as recycled wood or recycled rubber flooring.
  • Energy efficiency - a modern eco friendly house should be as energy efficient as possible. This means using energy saving options such as efficient home heating systems. Good insulation is also key to the efficient running of a green home. A well insulated house will help to keep the heat out during the hot months and keep the heat in during the cold months. This can save on both cooling and heating costs.
  • Alternative energy - there are many ways of generating energy at home. Developments in solar power, for instance, have meant that it is now possible to generate electricity from the sun on even overcast days. Building a new home means that new innovations such as photovoltaic shingles may be an option.
  • Water conservation - saving water and reducing water consumption is an important part of green living. While it is possible to save water by stopping dripping taps, not leaving taps running and other conservation tips, installing new water efficient devices is the best way to ensure that water is conserved and not wasted.

Finding Eco Friendly House Plans

In order to build the perfect green home that takes into account both environmental issues and the needs of the family, it is important to find good eco friendly house plans. Many green home builders will have plans or be able to prepare plans. It is also possible to find green home plans online:

  • FreeGreen - a range of green house plans and other useful information
  • Dream Green Homes - eco friendly house plans and other information
  • Eco House Designs - another site that allows readers to view plans and designs based on climatic conditions.

Building a green home can be very rewarding and a great way to own a home that is both environmentally friendly and also customized to your requirements.

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