Eco Friendly Flooring Options

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With eco friendly flooring, you can get in on the ground floor when it comes to going green in your home or business.

You put solar panels on your new roof and low-flow toilets in your new bathroom. When it comes to the part of your home or business that's right beneath your feet, why not continue doing right by Mother Nature?

The Advantages of Eco Friendly Flooring

It feels good when your visitors come by and the first thing they see is your beautiful floor. Wait until they find out it's eco friendly. Low-impact living tells the world you want to leave a better world to the generations who follow us. Your floor is one of the best places to start going green. It's possibly the most noticeable part of your home's interior and a great opportunity to say you care about the environment. Saving the planet from the ground up is making that statement loud and clear. In addition, eco-friendly flooring options really do look good.

Several green flooring options actually help energy management, too. Thinking ahead about the type of weather you have in your area can help you make a decision on the type of floor you need. You can't get much greener than conserving energy.

Many green floors are made from recycled or salvaged material, which means less waste in landfills. When a building is deconstructed, green-minded companies and entrepreneurs are waiting to grab the best of what once was. If they can't use the floor, they can sometimes use other materials from the building to make "new" floors. When walnut orchards need replanting, why shouldn't the old trees stay out of the chipper and go toward a stunning new floor? When foresters clear logs to prevent fire and disease, companies hip to the green movement are there to snatch them up to put them to good use.

Types of Green Floors

There are many options when it comes to green floors.

Salvaged or recycled wood

  • Urban salvage
    • Wood from city trees
    • Wood from demolished structures
  • Post-agricultural salvage
    • Wood from orchard replanting
  • Industrial forestry salvage
    • Wood from thinning normally destined for mulch
  • Forest deadwood
    • Salvaged trees dead from natural causes

Recycled materials

  • Recycled or reclaimed glass
    • Glass is already quite eco-friendly, and recycling it is always in vogue.
  • Reclaimed stone
    • Many people like the look of stone, but quarries are often rather detrimental to the environment. Choose reclaimed stone instead!
  • Recycled rubber tires
    • Ever wonder what happens to all those tires the world's drivers throw away each year? Green companies have been trying to find a good thing to do with them since the Model T. Now you can be part of the solution to that problem.

Renewable materials

  • Linoleum
    • Made from flax seed oil, linoleum is highly sustainable, and it's available in almost any color you can imagine. Linoleum goes great in kitchens!
  • Bamboo
    • Bamboo is a grass that grows mind-blowingly fast; it's renewable in under five years. Its sugars caramelize and they naturally tint bamboo floors a gorgeous color when heated.

Learn More

The new trend of eco friendly flooring is taking the world by storm. There are many places to find out more and make the best choice for your home or business.

Do you need Brazilian Cherry to bring together your new dining room? Do you need to repair your motorcycle on sturdy linoleum? Maybe you want to give your joints a break with a forgiving rubber floor in your gym. Perhaps you just want a nice place for your customers to cool their heels while they wait for you to get to them. There are fashion floors and utility floors, safe floors and durable floors. No matter what kind of floor you want or what attributes you need it to have, there's a green floor out there for you. and Eco-Friendly are good places to look.

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Eco Friendly Flooring Options