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Eco friendly catalogs are catalogs that sell environmentally-friendly products as well as catalogs that sell general merchandise but are trying to lower their impact on the environment. This article will cover both types of catalog.

Green Products in Eco Friendly Catalogs

Gaiam is one of the best known catalogs offering environmentally sensitive products. Gaiam carries a variety of products from non-toxic cleaners, to yoga DVDs, to clothing made from organic fabrics. Gaiam takes a holistic approach to sustainable living. The catalog company offers more than recycled or organic products. Their product mix includes items designed to create a healthy lifestyle like wellness tools and home improvement products. Other products available from Gaiam include bedding, humidifiers, inspirational DVDs, and energy efficient lightings.

Within the Gaiam mix there are several specialty catalogs:

  • Gaiam Mind Body, which sells fitness and meditation items including instructional DVDS and fitness clothing
  • Gaiam Living, which sells household items like green cleaners and organic bedding and towels
  • Gaiam Fair Trade, which sells jewelry, gifts and other hand-made items
  • Explorations, which sells inspirational films and books.

Lesser know catalogs selling eco friendly items include:

  • Allergy Buyers Club which sells products that promote healthy indoor air quality such as natural beddings and air purifiers.
  • Fair Indigo selling sustainable and fair trade items. The catalog is full of products made from organic fabrics, with eco-friendly dyes and recycled content.
  • Satara which sells eco friendly products for the home. Featured items include bamboo and silk beddings. Products are made without toxic chemicals and without chemical flame retardants.
  • Soul Flower a clothing catalog and on-line retailer. The company makes hip, trendy clothing from environmentally friendly materials. Although the company categorizes its wares as hippie clothing, Soul Flower clothes aren't the standard hemp and linen sacks characteristic of early earth conscious clothing. This catalog features brightly colored, fashionable and well designed items.
  • VivaTerra's catalog, which features dining and kitchen items, giftware and women's clothing, also has a magazine about environmental issues called Eco Salon.

Catalog Companies Trying to Do the Right Thing

While many companies are selling environmentally sensitive products, some catalog companies are selling traditional wares but working to make an impact on sustainability in other ways. More and more companies are printing their catalogs on paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC promotes responsible management of forest's worldwide. Some of these catalog companies are also using soy-based ink. A few catalog companies offer recycling programs to responsibly dispose of the book when it is no longer wanted or needed. The details on the program are usually printed on the back cover of the catalog.

Of course the greenest catalog is an online catalog that doesn't use any paper for printing or fuel for shipping. Sometimes, however, unsolicited catalogs arrive in the mail. Luckily Catalog Choice offers a free service that allows you to opt out of paper catalogs you no longer want.

The bottom line is eco friendly catalogs are becoming more and more prevalent. Whether you want to purchase organic and recycled products, or just limit the amount of waste you produce from unwanted mail, there are new options almost daily to help aid you in pursuing a greener lifestyle.

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