Earth Day for Children

Earth Day for Kids
Earth Day Activities

Planning a special Earth Day for children can be lots of fun. This year, surround the kids you love with a heaping helping of cool green activity ideas from this handy A to Z activity list.

Earth Day for Children - Activities and Ideas from A to Z

Assume that kids can make a difference. Each smart green choice that a child makes is one small step towards a cleaner, healthier planet. Talk with your kids early and often about green living tips and ideas. If you haven't done this yet, then Earth Day is the perfect time to start.

Break out the tools, kids, and fun by learning how to build a rain barrel this Earth Day. This project is perfect for kids. It allows them to spend time with you, learn about water conservation, and start thinking about ways to reuse our resources. If you're extra short on time you can always look into a rain barrel kit.

Color your world green with great eco-friendly, recycled coloring books and non-toxic natural bee's wax crayons.

Design some Earth Day for children banners, cards, or posters. Use recycled paper and organic finger paints or colorful homemade veggie and flower dyes. Give them to everyone you know to spread the word.

Explore the natural world: Kids who go on hikes, walk beaches, and visit forests with their family are far more likely to adore this planet they live on. Children who love the planet, grow up into adults determined to save the planet. If you can't remember the last time your family walked out into nature - today's the day.

Feast on less meat. Meat is not an earth friendly food. It wastes more resources than grains and veggies, produces more pollution, and is not that healthy besides. Try to eat two meatless meals each week.

Hug a Tree

Go organic this Earth Day. Your kids deserve all the benefits of organic foods.

Hug a tree: You could literally hug a tree, but the tree may appreciate preservation more. One major way to preserve the trees we have is to recycle paper products. Even very young kids can about the benefits of recycling.

Invest in garbage-free lunches for kids.

Journey North: Kids can join up with Journey North, any time during the year. Journey North is an online, free, nature-based educational program for kids. The program is heavy on earth appreciation, urging kids to get outside and track seasonal activities, animal migrations, weather patterns, and more.

Kick off Earth Day with a eco-picnic.

Learn about how kids can be more involved with Earth Day by visiting

Mail earth-friendly Earth Day e-cards, instead of paper cards.

Never toss trash that can be used for something new. Example: this Earth Day grow a wonderful egg carton herb garden

Organize a fun nature treasure hunt for all the neighborhood kids on Earth Day. Draw a map with pictures of nature items - a pine cone, a dandelion, an oak tree leaf, whatever you like, and get those kids running, and having fun outside.

Plant a tree. This is one of the old stand by Earth Day activities, but still a very nice way to celebrate. This year, plant one tree for each family member. If you really want to give back, plant seven trees for each family member. Research shows that one person uses the equivalent of seven trees per year.

Quickly recycle all the old bills and make some beautiful custom homemade paper.

Read for the planet.

Solar up - with your own homemade solar sun jar. A perfect, fun, (and easy) Earth Day projects for kids.

Tune in to Earth Day Network: This informative online media channel is a perfect way to focus on Earth Day for children. A full array of green shows are available for free, including what's happening in schools and what youth can do to help green their schools.

Family Bike Outing

Use earth friendly cleaners to keep your kids stay safe from toxins and chemicals in their own home.

Visiting the neighborhood park on Earth Day? Why not let the family bike there instead of drive? You'll cut down on gasoline use, reduce pollution, and stay fit and healthy.

Wear an environmentally friendly t-shirt - great for the whole family, even if it's not Earth Day.

Xtream Earth Day: It's more work, but organizing a beach or neighborhood clean-up is an amazing way to celebrate.

Yell out your concerns. Maybe don't yell, but do make a statement. Boycott at least one toy company this year that over-packages their toys. Mail the company a letter and tell them why you're boycotting. Ask them to cut down on packaging or use all recycled.

Zip on over to your local recycling center. You and your kids will appreciate seeing the recycling process in action.

Enjoy Earth Day with Your Kids

No matter what Earthy Day activities you select, remember to focus on both enjoyment and education. Have fun while also helping your children learn what they can do to protect the environment for themselves and for future generations.

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Earth Day for Children