20 Earth Day Project Ideas

This Earth Day commit to year round green living.

The best Earth Day projects are the projects that last all year. This Earth Day make a commitment to be green all year round, not simply on April 22. If you aren't sure where to start, this list of 20 great green ideas will help you to both kick off Earth Day, and celebrate all year long.

20 Green Ideas for Earth Day

Some of the projects and ideas below may seem very small. However, it's good to note that even small steps make a difference. You don't have to be extreme to be green. In the end, your green steps, no matter how small, added to everyone else's green steps, create a greener, healthier, happier planet. And that's what Earth Day should be about.

1. Visit the Earth Day Network website to learn about Earth Day activities and environmental projects and programs around the world for inspiration.

2. Find out how earth-friendly you are with the carbon footprint calculator. If your eco-footprint is bigger than you'd like, look into giving back with carbon credits.

3. Practice smart water conservation at home all year round.

4. One of the best Earth Day projects is to plant a tree for each family member. If you join the Arbor Day Foundation, you can even get ten free fruit or oak trees!

5. Always use earth friendly cleaners. there's absolutely no reason to expose your family to harmful chemicals and toxins; not when there are so many fabulous green cleaners available.

6. If you're buying a new computer, don't just toss your old one into the trash. Donate your used tech equipment to a school, social service program, or look into computer recycling sites.

7. Make this the year your family goes organic:

8. Save some trees by reading digital magazines and books vs. paper hard copies.

9. Consumer consumption is really hard on the planet. Excess consumption drains resources and energy, and creates massive waste. Before you buy a product get in the habit of asking yourself three simple questions:

  • Do I really need it?
  • Can I use something I already have at home instead?
  • Is the product recyclable, renewable, and safe for the earth?

10. Get the entire family hooked on nature. People who appreciate the world around them are more likely to conserve the world's resources.

11. Save water and money by learning how to build a rain barrel this Earth Day.

12. Register to vote and be sure to vote green when possible. Your one vote can affect green issues like energy costs, conservation, and eco-education in our schools.

13. Explore the benefits of sustainable landscape architecture. You want your kids and pets to be able to play in the grass without being exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides.

14. Some of the United States recycling statistics are pretty grim. Make an effort to learn about why is recycling important and become a dedicated recycling family.

15. Greet each morning with a steaming cup of Fair Trade organic coffee.

16. Look into a compost kitchen container. A kitchen compost can reduce your throw-a-way trash and help your garden thrive at the same time.

17. Instead of doing small Earth Day projects this year, try making a big statement by remodeling your home into the most energy efficient house possible. Even the addition of one change, such as energy efficient windows, can make a large difference; preserving resources and saving you money. For more ideas read: 10 Features to Consider For an Energy Efficient Home.

18. Send organic flowers and non-paper e-cards to family and friends. As a bonus, if you send an eco e-card through Care2, they'll donate money to the rainforests.

19. Changing out all the light bulbs in your house is one of the easiest Earth Day projects. Using fluorescent light bulbs is a highly effective way to conserve resources and saving money. Learn more about the different types of fluorescent light bulbs available today.

20. Find out the best kid-specific ways to celebrate Earth Day for children.

Start With One Earth Day Project and Expand

Attempting to put all 20 of these projects into action at once would be overwhelming. Instead, start with just one of these ideas, and then try to slowly incorporate more of them as you go. Every effort you make can have a definite impact on the environment, so do as much as you can to help make the earth a healthier place to live.

20 Earth Day Project Ideas