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Crocs are brightly-colored, lightweight rubber-like shoes that are popular for everyday wear as well at outdoor activities. Soon after Crocs hit the market in 2002, they became immensely popular and even reached "fad" status. Although the craze has simmered down some, they remain a practical shoe that people enjoying buying and wearing. Once your shoes no longer fit, there are a number of environmentally friendly options to consider.

Crocs Corporate Donation and Recycling Program

The Crocs Corporation and Soles 4 Souls Program have developed a way of recycling shoes and turning them into new shoes for children in needy countries. You can donate your lightly-worn shoes to the program and they will clean them and send them off to impoverished areas all around the globe. Most Crocs retail stores have a bin in the store for your old Crocs. By donating your old Crocs to a good cause such as this, you keep unnecessary material out of the already over flowing landfill sites while doing something good for someone in need.

Traditional Recycling and Crocs

Crocs are made from a revolutionary material known as Croslite™. This unique material allows it to perform equally well on land and in water. Croslite™ is lightweight, durable, and contains anti-bacterial properties, allowing them to be worn safely without socks. However, Crocs are not not biodegradable and cannot be recycled with other plastics. Instead, consider donating or reusing your old Crocs.

Donate Crocs

Crocs are very well made and retain their value for a long time. When yours no longer fit you, you may want to think of a way to make someone else happy with your old shoes.

Thrift Stores

Donate gently used Crocs to your local thrift store. As long as your old footwear is still in wearable condition, they are perfect for someone else to buy and put to good use. The Salvation Army has second-hand shops all over the country. In many cities they will even come and pick up your donated items. You can also locate a local Goodwill store near you. They will happily accept items that are in fair to good condition as a donation.

Coat Closets

If you want your gently-used Crocs to be placed into a needy home locally, you can always find a church or community center near you that has a coat closet or takes clothing donations. Most of these programs will take used clothing and shoes, locate local needy families, and re-donate the clothes and shoes to them.

Reuse Crocs

Even if you don't donate your Crocs, there are many good ways to give them a new purpose. You don't have to be super crafty to breathe new life into your Crocs; just give them a new job. Consider some of these creative, yet practical ways to put your old Crocs to work.


Crocs are great to employ in the garden because they are weather, mold, and mildew resistant.

  • If you have a deer problem, use old Crocs for a deterrent. Tie a bit of twine around them and hang them all around your garden.
  • Crocs also make festive planters with pre-made drainage holes. Nail a few to a post or tree, fill with dirt and plant. You can also just set the Crocs upright on a garden table and plant in them.
  • Use old shoes to mark your garden rows. Label the shoes with a permanent marker and hang from a stake in your garden for a whimsical touch to any outdoor space.


Crocs make practical and pretty containers for anything in the house. Put a shoe in a drawer and use to organize pens and pencils. Hanging on the wall, they are the perfect organizing tool for small toys. The brightly colored shoes add interest and imagination no matter where they are used.


Turn a used pair of Crocs into a fun craft project. Kids will enjoy turning their old Crocs into cute animals such as bunnies and puppies by adding craft supplies like google eyes and felt ears. Alternatively, try stringing several Crocs of different sizes together along with other recycled items to make an interesting recycled mobile.

Think Green

Thinking green when it comes to repurposing and recycling is becoming more and more popular. Next time you have the opportunity to decide to throw away something that is no longer of value to you, consider all of the many ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint by recycling. Not only are Crocs useful footwear but their life can be easily extended, adding all the more to their value.

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