Article Highlight: Household Wastewater Recycling Systems

Many people aren't aware of the economic advantages that household wastewater recycling systems offer. Every time faucets are turned on and toilets are flushed, precious water is wasted. For those concerned about… Keep reading »

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recycling glass and plastic bottles

Recycling is one of the basics of green living - "reduce, reuse and recycle" grace the global sign for recycling. People have widely accepted recycling as an everyday practice, but are we doing all we can in this area? Consider each of these:

  • Reduce - Decrease the amount of waste you generate through practices such as purchasing less consumer products or choosing those that have longevity.
  • Reuse - We have an obligation to try and reduce waste through practices that involve reusing items, such as donating objects you don't use any longer or selling them for someone else to use. Simple steps like reusing water bottles or eliminating paper products (using cloth napkins or regular plates, versus paper) eliminate the need for these items to be reprocessed or fill landfills.
  • Recycle - By now, everyone is familiar with ways to recycle, with recycling programs in communities throughout the nation. Plastic, paper and metal materials can be separated and processed to be used again.

Recycling Inspiration

While most of us are familiar with the basics of recycling, there may be some recycling practices that you are unfamiliar with. LoveToKnow Green Living investigates a number of recycling options, including:

Impact of Recycling

The act of putting out a recycling bin doesn't give most of us any idea about how recycling impacts the environment. For more information, check out the United States Recycling Statistics and How Does Recycling Paper Help Landfills - you'll be amazed at how much of an impact this simple activity can have.