Recycling Facts and Tips

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The properties that make plastic popular, like its light weight, water impermeability and long life are the same things that make disposing of it very difficult. Recycling plastic is a more realistic approach… Keep reading »

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Recycling can have a positive impact on a community, city, state, country, and the world. Tons of waste can be diverted from landfills when proper recycling processes are followed.

Environmental Impact of Recycling

If you ever wondered what kind of impact recycling actually has on the environment, you can review the United States recycling statistics. Computer recycling statistics can help you understand how e-waste impacts the planet when sent to landfills. You can discover the best ways to recycle electronic equipment.

How to Recycle

The benefits of recycling, such as recycling paper and how it helps the environment are easy to learn. In fact, you can learn several do-it-yourself ways to recycle paper.

School Recycling Programs

One of the easiest ways to teach and learn about recycling is through the school system. Different school groups earn money through recycling projects. Playing recycling games encourages kids to recycle.

What Can Be Recycled?

You may be surprised to learn many of the items you're throwing in the trash can be recycled. You can learn what items are recyclable, such as a worn outdoor rug, broken windshields, and an old toilet. Even footwear can be recycled, like your pair of Crocs!

Unique Plastic Items to Recycle

There are many types of plastic, such as recyclable types of biodegradable plastics. Some unique plastic items that can be recycled include, plastic recycled railway ties, plastic gift cards and 5-gallon plastic buckets.

Recyling and Reusing

Some artists specialize in creating art from various recycled material. Some fashion designers create various fashion pieces from recycled materials. Your door mat may be made from recycled tires.

Recycling Paper

One of the earliest first recyclables was paper. Post-consumer paper recycling is alive and well and joined by other paper recyclables, such a recycled moving boxes and shipping boxes. You may even be interested in learning how to recycle Christmas cards.

Many Recycled Products to Use

With so many recyclables, it's easy to find all kinds of products made from recycled materials. Before you start on that outdoor deck and entertainment area, consider using recycled plastic lumber, and a recycled fire pit. You might decide that recycled rubber flooring is the best upgrade for your garage floor.

Recycling Cuts Down on Manufacturing Costs

With all the products that can be made from recycled materials, manufacturing companies can save money on raw materials by replacing with recycled ones. The cost-savings can then be passed on to consumers. Recycled glass plates, table decorations make from recycled materials, and recycled glass countertops are just as aesthetically pleasing as ones made from non-recycled materials and cost much less.

Making Recycling Part of Your Life

You can go beyond simply separating and recycling your garbage. You can look for the recycling symbol on all the items you purchase and follow through by recycling when you're ready to dispose of them. You can also purchase products made from recycled materials to further support the recycling efforts being made by individuals and industries.

Recycling Facts and Tips