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Energy Efficiency Rating Green House

The goal of energy efficiency is to reduce the environmental impact of energy usage and find alternatives that are renewable and clean. With more and more electronics, appliances, and other products coming in energy efficient options, there are many ways to reduce energy use while saving money on your energy bills. Find out ways that you can be more energy efficient.

Energy-Efficient Homes

The first place that you might look for ways to become more energy efficient is in your home, since homes use a lot of energy. Not only is this costly but bad for the environment too. This doesn't mean that you need to run out and buy solar panels. Rather, you can start small by using a high efficiency shower head or energy saving LED light bulbs. If you want to do something a bit bigger, find out how you can switch to pelt boiler heat to avoid natural gas or electricity usage. On a larger scale, explore how to find an eco-friendly home builder or energy-efficient house plans. Of course, this might include information on solar panels and solar power roof vents.

Solar Energy

Now, it is time to start getting to the good stuff. We've all heard about solar energy, but do you know the importance of solar power or even how it works. Understand how the energy from the sun's rays can be converted into protons and electrons that you can use to start your car or even run an entire factory. But to truly understand solar energy, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to make an informed decision.

Wind Turbines

If you've ever seen a wind farm or wind turbine, you have likely wondered what it's all about. The development of wind farms is quickly spreading and people are also learning how to create their own wind turbines for personal energy use. Much like solar energy, wind energy comes with its pros and cons. Learn how it is clean energy along with how the turbines can sometimes be dangerous.

Geothermal Energy

While sun and wind are the big ones, there are other forms of efficient clean energy like geothermal energy. This is a way of converting heat from the earth into energy. Geothermal energy requires specialized heat pumps that can have disadvantages as well.

Take Steps to Become More Efficient

When it comes to green living and energy, you can't get too efficient. There are always ways that you can improve your energy usage like investing in a geothermal pump or getting an energy efficient refrigerator, so put a few ideas into practice the next time you have the opportunity.

Energy Efficiency