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Biofuel can

Is it possible to exist on fuel sources besides gasoline? Can we reduce our foreign dependence and help the environment at the same time? This is a growing area of interest, as more research is being conducted and new fuel alternatives for vehicles are developed.

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LoveToKnow explores many topics pertaining to alternative fuel, including:

  • Vegetable Oil Fuel Converter - Yes, you can run a car on vegetable oil! Discover the benefits and downsides of converting your own vehicle.
  • The Advantages of Hydrogen Fuel - While hydrogen fuel vehicles are gaining media buzz, there is still more research and development that must be done.
  • Ethanol Biofuel Pros and Cons - Learn more about biofuel, including the benefits and disadvantages.
  • Making Biodiesel at Home - Is it possible to create your own biodiesel for your car? Read on for more information.
  • Purchasing Biodiesel - Biodiesel sounds like a great alternative to gasoline, but where can you get it? This article provides answers and more information.

Making a Difference

The value of these fuel alternatives is their impact on the environment - resulting in significant reductions in emissions and pollutants. Additionally, most of the listed fuels come from renewable resources and can be produced domestically.

Alternative Fuel