Art From Recycled Materials

Recycled art is perfect for environmentally friendly homes.
Environmentally Friendly Homes

Art from recycled materials and found objects is a great alternative to mass produced art. Each piece is likely to be truly individual and one of a kind.

Art can be created from many recycled materials and found objects. The recycling of materials for use in art is not a new trend. Painted canvases, for instance, were commonly painted over to create new works of art in the past. The modern phenomenon of creating art from recycled materials goes a lot further than just paintings and wall art, however, and this offers a great opportunity for people looking for something a little unusual.

Types of Art from Recycled Materials

Types of art from recycled materials and found objects include:


Many items of jewelry are created from recycled materials or incorporate found objects into the designs. This includes jewelry that has been created using components of old pieces of jewelry, joining together elements to produce unique designs through to jewelry created from unusual cast-off items such as old zippers. Many pieces of jewelry that are created with recycled materials are unique works of art and are perfect for people with eclectic tastes.


Textile artists often use recycled materials in their work. Fabric used in clothes and home furnishings is a good source of materials for a textile artist and quilts, wall hangings and other items can all be created with recycled fabrics. Recycled fabrics are also useful for items that combine art with function, such as rugs and cushions. Many old and traditional techniques, such as rag rug making, are experiencing a resurgence of popularity and this is because they offer artists an opportunity to express themselves using recycled items.

Glass Art

Recycled glass is used by artists in many different ways. The slumping of recycled glass to form bowls or decorative pieces is very popular. Recycled glass can also be used to make beautiful one of a kind chandeliers or other lighting. Some artists use recycled glass in mosaic work and this can make unusual and unique pieces of art.

Wall Art

Wall art, such as pictures or wall installations, can be made using recycled materials. The range of options is tremendous with art being made from discarded industrial materials through to intricate collages that are created with small pieces of fabric or paper.

Making Your Own Recycled Art

Making your own art from recycled materials is not as difficult as it sounds. Many materials that can be recycled into decorative items. The key is to look at the pattern and color of an item and not its functionality. Therefore a sack that was used to store rice or spices could easily be recycled to make an interesting wall decoration for a kitchen or dining area or beach objects such as shells or driftwood would make unusual decorations for a bathroom.

Recycled art is also a good way to get children interested in recycling and creating arts and crafts from found materials. Large collages or pictures made using recycled objects such as sweet wrappers or food packaging can be a great way for a youngster to think about color and form as well as the bigger issues of recycling.

Recycled art is a great alternative to mass produced art and is perfect for someone who is looking for something a little different. There is a wide range of recycled art available from purely decorative pieces through to art that combines beauty and function. Finding a great piece of art that has been made from recycled materials is the perfect way to own a completely unique work of art which is also kind to the environment.

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Art From Recycled Materials