Americas Top Green Home Businesses

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If you are interested in working for yourself in an Eco-responsible way, you may wonder what are America's top green home businesses. Do you dream of your own green business enterprise?

Five of America's Top Green Home Businesses

In truth, just having a home business is a green choice. Here are some reasons why:

  • Usually by working from home you save hours of transportation time.
  • You are all ready using a space that is heated, air conditioned, and has water in it. When you work away from home you are essentially utilizing two spaces.
  • You have more control over your business. For example, you can have a paperless office.
  • Working at home is a great choice for both you and the environment. There are several businesses to consider.

1. Consulting

Using your skills to help others succeed can be a very lucrative business. When you add a focus on environmental friendliness, it can be not only financially rewarding but the environment will also love you.

If you have skills in business, you can help your clients learn how to run a paperless office or implement recycling programs into their businesses. You might give advice on how to save money by making changes in the way they use electricity or help them design a solar- powered office.

2. Xeriscaping

If you are good with plants you may be able to become a specialist in xeriscaping - landscaping with native plants that need little watering or extra care. Xeriscaping not only saves the homeowner (or business owner) time and money, it saves water and can re-introduce native plants to areas where they have disappeared.

3. Green House Cleaning

While there are many people who clean houses and offices most of them use commercial chemicals and products that are not good for the environment. By starting your own cleaning business and using only Eco-friendly cleaning products you can make a difference in the environment while you are building your business. Green or Eco-friendly house cleaning services can actually charge more for their service since it is unique.

4. Online Retail

Do you like retail? Online shopping is convenient and popular. There are many ways to open your own online store and sell organic and Eco-friendly products to the consumers who want them.

You can sell anything from organic baby clothing to organic foods on the Internet. You won't need a warehouse or a storefront since usually you are only taking orders and passing the orders on to a bigger company to fill and send out.

Some lines to consider:

5. Organic Vegetable Supply

Even if you have very little space you can grow enough organic vegetables to supply local restaurants and farmer's markets if you use raised beds or hydroponics techniques. Consumers are increasingly interested in a local supply of fresh, organic vegetables and don't mind paying a little more for them.

Things to Consider

When you are looking at the various lists of America's top green home businesses, you will want to take a few things into consideration to give yourself the best chance for success.

Find Your Niche

Maybe one of the above green businesses is perfect for you but there are many other possibilities. You may have an idea that has never been done before. Whatever you do, it should be something you believe in and can be proud of. If you aren't behind your business 100 percent, your customers probably won't be either. Think about what you love, what your passion is, and how well you work with people.

Consider Your Ethics

If you are going to promote and run a green business are you going to buy conventional coffee for the coffee maker or are you going to use Fair Trade, organic beans from a local roaster? The small things add up more than you may think. Be an example to the community of how a green business should be run and you will find yourself more successful because your customers will consider you ethical and honest.

Promote Your Products

Work hard at promoting your product and yourself.

  • Create an Internet space
  • Blog
  • Use social media like Twitter and Facebook
  • Use local newspapers to your advantage

Whichever business you decide on, make sure that you do enough background research to give yourself the best chance at being successful.

Americas Top Green Home Businesses