12 Famous British Vegans Living Animal Free

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Veganism has plentiful support and popularity in Britain and throughout the United Kingdom, so there are quite a few English vegans. In fact, the term "vegan" was actually coined in the United Kingdom in 1944 by the British Vegan Society, now simply known as the Vegan Society.

The Vegan Lifestyle

Vegans in the U.K. follow the same diet as vegans in any other country; they choose to abstain from meat and animal products entirely. A vegan diet does not include meat, eggs, dairy products, honey, or any other animal product. Additionally, a true vegan lifestyle aims to refrain from exploiting animals for any human purposes, including clothing, furniture, and other personal uses.

Individuals choose to become vegan for a variety of reasons, including ethical concerns, better health, and religious purposes. English vegans may make a statement in support of animal rights by adopting veganism, or they may do so in an effort to lose weight. In Great Britain, many Hindus follow a vegan lifestyle for religious purposes.

Famous British Vegans

Famous vegans follow their diets for a number of reasons. The following is a list of a few well-known vegans in the United Kingdom.

  • Vanessa Angel, English model and actress
  • Elizabeth Kucinich, English-born wife of United States senator Dennis Kucinich
  • Emily Barclay, English actress
  • Chris Martin, English frontman of the band Coldplay and husband of American actress Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Heather Anne Mills, English model and charity campaigner
  • Benjamin Zephaniah, English writer and poet and longtime patron of the Vegan Society
  • Wendy Turner Webster, English journalist and patron of the Vegan Society
  • Jack Dangers, English electronic musician, disc jockey, and producer
  • James McCartney, English musician and son of famed Beatles rocker Paul McCartney
  • Geezer Butler, English musician and songwriter
  • Kate Magic Wood, English author and well-known advocate of the raw vegan diet
  • Donald Watson, English founder of the Vegan Society and inventor of the word "vegan"

About the Vegan Society

The Vegan Society is a reflection of many individuals in the United Kingdom and their commitment to living a healthy, animal-free existence. The society is an educational charity with a mission of promoting and supporting individuals along their journey toward an animal-free lifestyle.

The Vegan Society recognizes veganism is a practice that extends well beyond simply avoiding meat in a diet. The society aims to eliminate usage of animal products in all areas of life, including clothing, household products, pet care, and more. The mission can prove to be challenging, so the organization also aims to educate and aid those attempting to pursue such a lifestyle. They also offer free publications and a website to provide more information and support.

Vegans in Britain

English vegans are no different than American vegans or vegans of any other nationality. They have chosen their unique diet and lifestyle to suit their own convictions and health needs. Luckily, British vegans have tremendous support within their own country through the Vegan Society and other local organizations that support animal rights and meatless eating.

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12 Famous British Vegans Living Animal Free